MAW is an experimental short film that grapples with the contradictions of madness, despair, and inspiration in the underside of Los Angeles. Through a visceral fever dream, LA poet Tommy Taretta yearns for signs of resistance and hope.

The title MAW describes figurative jaws that devour without restraint, such as the "maw of greed" to depict excessive and insatiable greed or the "maw of brokenness" to portray the destructive nature of a society that spreads brokenness.

Blending stream-of-conscious documentary and narrative scenes, the film is an internal dialogue on resisting apathy and finding meaning.

(Completed and screening at film festivals later in 2024)
Directed by John Charter.
Poetry Written and Performed by: Tommy Taretta
Concept Written by Brad Dujmovic.
Cinematography by Rainer Lipski.
Production Design by Paul Kaiser.
Producers: Elena Brea Martínez, Paul Kaiser, Tommy Taretta.
Associate Producer: Kris Baumgartner.
2nd Unit Cinematography: Quinn Feldman.
Security Guards: Grishon Barbakrian, Rafael Ramos.

Editor, Music Composer & Sound Designer: Brad Dujmovic.
Sound Designer: Hayden C Scott.
Sound Recording & Mixing: Courthouse Studios. 

The Poet: Tommy Taretta.
Tent Writer: Kai.
Buddha: Buddha.
Expectant Mother: Tara Triplett.
Bishop The Pimp: Tracy.
Wheelchair Con Artist: Vincent Mann.
Lady of the Night: Malice.
Spiritual Guru: Todd Ivers.
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