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Directed and Written by John Charter.
Production Design, Costumes and Written by Paul Kaiser.
Cinematography by Rainer Lipski.
Princess Eleos: Alice Kidd.
The Unknown Man: Paul Kaiser.
Artemis: Zach Smith, Sidney Cumbie, Javier M. Santoveña.
Lord Cadmium: Ursa Major, Raffael Ponce-Valencia.
Marquis d’Sea: Mackinzie Dae, Alan Maxson, Marcus Ray.
The King whose White and in the Crowd: Jim Charter.
Hieronymus: Jonathan Gaietto.
Muses: Molly Kidd, Ellie Kidd, Chiara Sechi.
Co-Producer: Sarita Choy.
Assistant Director: Dan Finkel.
Production Coordinators: Jess Vanacore, Amber Kidd.
Gaffer: Robert Oliva.
Drone Operators: Allyson Maynard, Jordan Galloway.
Camera Assistant: Marcello Peschiera.
Hair and Makeup Artist: Jacqueline Holden.
Dress Maker: Janine Brown.
Art Department Assistants: Jonathan Gaietto, Roberto Ortiz, Daniel Everett Knosp.
Boat Captain: Matt Arnold.
Underwater Diving Support: Mike Gerz.
Behind The Scenes Photographers: Jessica Katharsys, Juliet Frew.
Behind The Scenes Videographers: Juliet Frew, James Hammond.
Color by Nick Sanders @ NTRŌPIC LA.
Color Producer: Kevin Miller.
Color Assistant: Manny Vinas Barreras.
Sound Designer: Morgan Johnson @ Barking Owl.
Special Thanks: NTRŌPIC LA, Barking Owl, Sven Dreesbach, Jim Charter, Claudia Charter, Ward Charter, Stephanie Charter, Jesse Jesster, Alexis Nelson, John Gehrke, Sheryl Bowman, Shannon Bowman, Molly Miles, Marion Swank.
Dedicated to Isabelle and Eowyn.
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